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Why Booking A Professional & Experienced DJ Is Important to The Success Of Your Event

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The amount of DJ suppliers, individuals and agencies out there in the world of events is vast. To a degree, you find that there is plenty to suit your budget but is an experienced DJ with talent and professionalism,  important?

The answer is “Yes” and this is because your event (if you organise events) needs to run according to your client’s needs. Maybe you are getting married or having a birthday celebration and the DJ arriving in plenty of time to set up is important to the timescale of what you have planned?

All these factors including the music need considering when choosing your DJ. Most experienced DJs should be more than capable of accommodating your needs for the schedule of your event or party.

Professional and experienced DJs prefer to receive an event schedule even if it’s an email with the times of setting up, drinks reception, dinner, DJ start time and finish time. The music requirements are the most important ingredient for the evening’s entertainment and a list of songs that appeal to the client will also help with the success of the event.

Music Is The Answer!

DJs are doing what they do because they love music. Unless you are looking for a specific music, a skilled, talented and experienced DJ will always adapt their DJ set for the client. On most occasions, the DJ will read a crowd and play a set to how the dance floor responds. 


Reading a crowd is a skill that only comes with experience and is a combination of the demographics and the atmosphere and energy of the people dancing. Once the DJ has people on the dance floor “locked in” to the music then they can keep the night flowing until the end. 


Music requests are an important ingredient to the party and most professional DJs will encourage them so they can get a good idea of the music preferences the crowd enjoys. The DJ will then play various styles and songs that fit the guest’s requests or clients playlist. 


Weddings are most important for music requests as a couple getting married will always want to hear their favorite songs and a few of their friends and family. Music at weddings is one of the most important elements to make the day end with a memorable experience for the couple and also for the guests. 


Newlyweds will need to have the important first dance which will stay in their memory for years to come and if the DJ plays those important songs they have chosen throughout the evening,  it will be a memorable experience for them both. The DJ will always play as much as possible as long as the requests fit into a programmable set to keep the dance floor buzzing all night.


The importance and quality of equipment.

Many people ask about what equipment’s provided when booking an experienced DJ and the client needs to understand that the DJ has to play the music through decks, DJ controllers and PA speakers.


There are plenty of budget manufacturers that mass produce sound systems and lighting for the part-time DJ hobbyist. There are many DJs out there that can only buy this equipment because they DJ part time for a few friends and the odd paid gig.


Professional career DJs will know quality pays off for the DJ and the client. There are plenty of brands that cater to the higher end of the DJ world and they also know the DJ wants to pay for quality that not only enhances their craft but also lasts for years.


Sound quality is paramount when playing high-quality events and to have several systems that will cater for small, medium and larger venues can be a flexible option for the client. The lighting is also another factor and falls in the same bracket as sound for quality.


Once the DJ has set up the sound and lighting equipment, the decks will need to set up too. DJ technology has come along way since vinyl and CD’s and 90% of DJs now play mp3 files from controllers and laptops. All of this lovely equipment looks amazing but many clients like to see all this hidden behind a neat surround.


A neat and tidy DJ booth whether in black (most popular) or white makes a difference to the setup. The neat and tidy look is essential for corporate events and weddings.


Rounding things off, the DJ needs to be smart. A nice black shirt, trousers, and shoes look professional and even a casual suit, if it is a high-end event or causal blazer jacket over smart T-shirt and trousers or jeans, can look nice at a birthday celebration for younger crowds.


I hope this covers plenty of information that will help you when making that important decision on booking an experienced DJ. The more information to be honest and we like to think you have our expertise knowing you are in safe hands.