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Uplighting…do I really need it?

Uplighting (or mood lighting) has become a recent wedding reception trend, especially in our home area of Raleigh Durham. Uplighting consists of individual lights placed against the walls of your reception hall. The lights will add splashes of color, and you can easily transform your venue from bland to exciting.

Check out our before and after shots of a recent wedding reception.

Before shot – great floral arrangements, but the default house lights are not too inviting for dancing.

audio visaul production hire

Now take a look at this after shot.(Below Photo)

auckland wedding dj hire

The purple lights shining throughout the room are…you guessed it…uplights. These lights can be turned on when the dancing starts and as you can see, transforms a normal venue into a fun atmosphere for dancing.

Add this to your wedding reception by checking out our packages and let us hook you up with uplighting!