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Tips From a Planner On Hiring Your DJ

Guest Blog Post from Rebecca Richman

wedding dj hire

Hey DJ just play that song, keep me dancing… all night long”

-Tips from a planner on hiring your DJ…


It’s what we all want from our DJ at our wedding. We want our guests to have a blast and dance the night away. An experienced DJ will do that for you, you just have to find the right one for you! As an associate planner with Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, we’re always guiding our brides in the right direction when hiring their wedding professionals so I’m happy to pass along some tips and hints you’ll want to consider when hiring a DJ…


Timing – Don’t leave hiring your DJ until the last minute.  Really awesome DJs can get booked up quickly so make sure it’s not the last thing you’re booking.  Book them shortly after finalizing your wedding date, ceremony and reception venue.


Unique Style – Every DJ has his/her own, unique style.  Just because Aunt Peggy was thrilled with her daughter’s DJ and recommends him to you doesn’t mean you should automatically book.  It’s great to take recommendations from friends and family but always remember to meet with the DJ because you may find that your personalities or taste in music just doesn’t mesh.


Specialization and Variety – Make sure your DJ specializes in the type of event you are throwing (wedding, bar mitzvah etc.).  Weddings are unique events and will require knowledge as to the flow of the event and audience expectations.  It’s okay if they do other events as well but you really don’t want your wedding to be the first that your DJ has done.  An experienced DJ will know how your wedding will flow and how to keep your guests dancing all night! Also, when meeting with your DJ, check that he/she has a variety of music.  Just like weddings are unique, each audience will have different tastes in music.  You want your DJ to have a variety of music to play to appease all generations and music tastes at your reception.


Professionalism – Take note of how your DJ presents himself when you meet to discuss your event.  You want to be hiring a professional so make sure he/she is acting like one.  Also, if he/she is unresponsive when contacted with questions prior to booking then consider this a red flag.


Reasonable Expectations – I must defend our professional partners though and insist that you have reasonable expectations.  Don’t expect to send an email on a Friday night and hear back by Saturday morning.  Most DJs will have events Friday and Saturday nights and many times  Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well, so they may not even get to reading your emails until Tuesday as most wedding professionals consider Monday their “weekend” day off.  Try calling before 2 on Friday, and try to stay away from calling around noon.  LOTS of brides call during their lunch hour so you may not get in touch with your DJ.


DO YOUR RESEARCH! – Most entertainment companies will have showcases for you to attend and hear first hand how they will perform at your wedding. In addition to taking recommendations from friends and family, try to attend a showcase before hiring your DJ and also consider asking for references.  It never hurts to follow up with any of their previous clients to ensure that you’ll get what you pay for.


I hope this helps you in your search for your DJ so if you would like a quote for your dj hire give us a call!